About Us

We don't want to brag...



because you should know that ChickenMania
is now under new management.

Big deal - what does it all mean?

It means plenty - It means a new approach with a new attitude towards customers, with a new menu, new staff, all purposely designed and implemented to give you, our valued customer, more choices, fresher foods, better value, quicker turnaround, catering options, a modern new look & cleaner store, commonsense opening times, on-site dining, in-store TVs, a Facebook page for feedback and much much more!

We’re passionate about what we do for our customers, who are king . . . and we only want to get better.

And  thanks to the support and feedback from customers  like you,  we try and keep up to date with new menu items & on-going improvements.

So we encourage you to tell us what you think, like us and give us your feedback!